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Savy Des-Etages is an experienced audiobook narrator and voice actor with a versatile voice. Whatever the medium—commercials, animation, video games, audio dramas— Savy has a sound to bring it to life.

Demo Reels


Some Samples

First person GameLit narration using a Northern English accent.

First person narration in character, a cocky and sassy American female.

Non-fiction narration about the art of astrology.


Links below lead to the UK Audible store, but head on over to your country's Audible, Amazon, or iTunes and search 'Savy Des-Etages' for the works I've narrated.

Satisfied Listeners

"The narrator does an awesome job with this book. I really liked her voices for the different characters, as well as Rica, her Rica voice is so fun!"- Lola, reviewing The Amethyst Panda

"This is the first book I have listened to by this narrator (Savy Des-Etages). She did very well with different accents/ voices for the different characters. She added emotion and personality to the character portrayals and and read the narrative parts so it felt I was watching the story happen"- Margaret, reviewing Rejuvenation Book I

"As an avid consumer of audio books, I would like to take a moment to congratulate the narrator, Savy Des-Etages. Her reading of, and dedication to the writing, makes this listen as engaging and entertaining as any other audio entertainment I’ve heard. I could not envision a more perfect fit for the characters enshrined in these pages"- Tyler, reviewing Hunger Pangs

"The narrator did an amazing job of bringing not just her, but every character to life and every voice she did just fit perfectly"- Amazon Customer, reviewing The Carnelian Fox

Animation & Video Games

Audio Dramas

Plague Town

In the mood for a COVID-19 dark comedy audio drama? Well then Plague Town has you covered!

I was honoured to voice the wide variety of female characters in Little Bonsai's Plague Town. My roles ranged from a vaguely European egomaniac agent, to a meek Frenchwoman, to a demonic American child, and much more.

Check out the whole series by clicking here!

Or click the track to listen to an excerpt of me talking to myself during a phone call between the fabulous Ducky and the highly professional Jan.

Plague Town


Rusty Quill has really created something special with Inexplicables, a dark comedy audio drama about a supernatural community. You can listen to the mysteries enveloping Gravesby here.

I had the privilege of playing Lily Jones and not only that, but the wonderful artist Tiffany Hayashi even drew fanart of me!