Sound of Savy

Hello there. My name is Savy and I narrate audiobooks.

I am an avid actor and storyteller, and this comes through in my performances. I don’t just read the story; I like to give each character their own voice and truly inhabit the world in which they live. Not only is it more fun for me this way, but it also makes it a lot easier for listeners to track who is currently speaking.

As for what genres I like to narrate? Honestly, I’m not picky. If the story is good, the genre doesn’t matter. So whether it’s a steamy romance, a tense murder mystery, a laugh-out-loud comedy, or a coming of age drama, I shall happily lend my voice to any and all genres.

I hope to tell you a story soon!


Take A Listen

Koko's Adventure

Third person classic storyteller narration for a children's book, featuring various characters.

Hunger Pangs

First person narration in character, a cocky and sassy American female.

Rejuvenation II

Excerpt featuring an argument between four different characters.

My Work

Links below lead to the UK Audible store, but head on over to your country's Audible, Amazon, or iTunes and search 'Savy Des-Etages' for the works I've narrated.